C2 Montréal

Dror Benshetrit Designer and Principal, Dror

- What if...What if we change the prospective, of the future of the city?

solve the problem with brain, not just heart

"My name is Dror, I am a ..... I am always stuck here. :)"

2. terminal completely below sea level, rooftop garden

3. generalist, specialist, comprehensivist

4,20%less product sells 60% more. paradox of choice

5.change prospective

gain the prospective and look back

“So now you understand what I do"

Amanda Hill Chief Marketing Officer, A+E Networks

Pace of Change

1. power of storytelling

"we are not in the TV business, we are in the story business. "

inspire, educate, challenge the world around us

"inspiring, is , OMG, i can do that too. " 4 years old, 2000 books

the 7 basic plots (for brand)

people don't feel belong to their own group, but they hate other group

jailhouse makeup video

2. you can only stand for what you understand

a. stop guessing

how people spend time on social media?

b/from bias into insight, understanding, and love.

only 6% women say they strongly represent by media

stop acting at, start, engaging with

Steve Wozniak Co-Founder, Apple Computer & Chief Scientist, Primary Data + Jennifer Reingold Global Head of Content, Egon Zehnder

doing thing i love, not sure if it's career

make the company for communication, not for the company value

try to get a working prototype, not just ideas

(with the apple speaker, have wrong idea about how android pay works, with 4 steps, where you just tap and go, need google speakers. )

but this is also how we talk about google, learned,

happiness = S - F (smile - frone)

I donate a lot, but i do have a Tesla :)

Food, friend, fun , happiness


have a computer programming, is happy, why 3 people get all the wealth?

what excite you? VR

if i will be a pet one day, i will treat my pet as what i want to be treated

What you think of Thavis?

"we only use lyft now. lol

i don't make decision base on money

fun thing in life to explore

should looking for personality you get along with

around people, share value and have good time

be nice to people

humor and creativity don't lose it

enjoy the life you have

try to avoid Google, and Facebook, can't use in china, only google calendar,

the data they earn on advertising, you should earn a portion of it, privacy and

selling, target ads, in china, no Google and Facebook, gmail google see

Panel – Entrepreneurial ecosystems: It takes a village to build a startup

Harley Finkelstein Chief Operating Officer, Shopify (host)

Angela Tran Kingyens Principal, Version One

Eric Boyko Co-Founder and CEO, Stingray Digital

Magaly Charbonneau Business Development Specialist, Intel Security

Wesley Chan Managing Director, Felicis Ventures

Chan - started google voice, 13 years at google, google analytics.

early stage fund

what is the collective drive you have as a village?And that's your identity

shoptify Canadian company founder

xooglers, alumni network, bonding

fearful, make the change, parents

be generous not just mean capital, but also giving time.

such a keener

try to find my tribe, move form city to city

Prof. Muhammad Yunus Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and Founder, Grameen Bank + Jürgen Hecker Senior Economics Editor, Agence France-Presse (AFP)

popularity, and inequity


what can be done?

human being is driving by self interest?

not along.

selflessness, selfishness

social business

human being are born to do things for themselves, why business create job, artificial way?

if the village women can sell goods, why need degree?

give the young person the choice to either take a job, or job creator. before too late

education directly direct to job seekers, no other choice

why do i need to find a job? i can just do my thing, education should follow what i need

“Companies are too big to fail, people are too small to matter, elephant and ants popularity, and inequity

Prof. Muhammad Yunus Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

start with him, 28dollar, with Bangladesh women

what drives you?

raise very important questions

what keep you on?

they alll see the point, and act on it

bank lend money to people have lots of money, not to those who need

basic question

making money is a happy business, making other people happy is a super happy business

Dr. Naveen Rao VP and General Manager, Artificial Intelligence Product Group at Intel


  • labelled data

  • policy, legal , business

  • ethics

AI is transformative

AI value stack

computational substrates(technique software to go fast)

methods and algorithms, ML, solve data problems

Business problems, take the technique to drive efficiency, value statement for business

Georges St-Pierre Mixed Martial Artist and UFC World Champion + Justin Kingsley Creative Strategist

if coming back to fight, need to be a fight make me excited

can elevate me

fight Michael

skills beats fight, that's what he want to proof

better reaction, decision making time

arts of fighting, technical, ladies and gentlemen

why you come back and risk?

lots of regrets

done stupid

i regrets i didn't haven't done, i missed

i don't want to grow older and regrets

best shape, brain, skills, technical

if i lose i am gone, not a punching bag for later comes

the sports involved

training in different way

sports is evolving, add new weapon


they are too focus on what they looks like, other than the result.

use the money as investment for treatment and learn new technic, so can go back win more like investment

champion is the one perform well when it's count, but not always in best shape

don't have full attention on school, because need to run fast to bus without beat up

find self confidence

Karachi only way to find success

i would hit them hard, but i don't want them have a bad life, prey for someone

just want to win

Randi Zuckerberg Founder and CEO, Zuckerberg Media + Diane Brady Journalist, Author and Media Executive

being only girl in tech firm (fb) for 10 years

leave at FB per-IPO

sillion valley, no hobby and passion

here has a full life

if you are not 24/7, not consider as entrepernuer

facebook live, 2 parents watched her go live from hackthon, lead her left FB to start her own TV program

child don't need to glue to screen

society try to make you ot choose either business/tech, or creative

she write songs about tech

best thing about social media is also the worst thing

there's lot of noisy, but people are looking for great content, craving for it, might get lost in noisy

i rather own 50% of things that might go somewhere, but not 100% of things not going anywhere

if you are thinking you are building something local, you are not, you are all bonding things global

you can 't just think the frame, visiting the world, to get the context

do one thing every year to scare the shit out of her

standup comedy

coolest and creepest thoughts, still perform 200 years later since AI can help her adopt to the audience and the current trend.

Bob Richards Co-Founder and CEO, Moon Express

2017 google lunar

bring back moon rock

redefine :honeymoon, give her a moon

2 days ago, launch from NZ

field of dreams - reaching for the moon

redefine possible

Richard St-Pierre President, C2 Montréal

给大家homework, 一个小方块,是refugee, 上面名字,非常好的创意



300 volunteers from Montreal university

500 technicians

Dean Kamen President, DEKA & Founder, FIRST

in 5 years ship organs

science and technology united the world.

Brian Behlendorf Executive Director, Hyperledger

email changed from .com to @gmail.com

build a page on fb for whitehouse easier than on .gov


blockchain, problem is the trust, i.e. diamond network to see trace, like house title database

traceable databases

healthcare records

also make it more fair

refugee identity!